Frequently asked questions Many people avoid going to the regular dentist check-ups because they are convinced that the treatment will be unpleasant and painful. However, if you visit your dentist regularly, you are highly likely to avoid much more expensive and complicated problems. We use different methods of sedation with our patients. It enables us to make your visit as pleasant as possible, instead of it causing anxiety in the patients. Our wish is to offer you and your family an entirely painless service which is why we use different kinds of sedation in our dental studio. The following are some of the questions which may interest you.

  1. Will I be asleep during the procedure? Some people have developed a mild or strong phobia related to the tooth pain. If you recognize yourself as one of those people we will talk about different options before your first procedure. The patients who are only mildly anxious about the treatment will perhaps need only an oral sedation which will simply calm them down during the procedure. If you, however, choose the intravenous sedation it will not put you to sleep. It will only make you quite relaxed, but you will still be able to follow the directions of your dentist and the staff. If the dentist puts you under the local anaesthesia you will sleep during the entire procedure.
  2. Why one must go under the local anaesthesia with the sedation? Using sedation in dentistry enables the patient to relax or sleep during the procedure, but it does not block pain. Therefore, it is necessary to do a local anaesthesia so that the area to be treated would go numb. The discomfort which the patient feels when undergoing the local anaesthesia is similar to a mosquito bite and it lasts for a second or two. Once the treatment is over your lips or gum tissue may feel a little numb for a while, but most of the people consider that the temporary feeling is irrelevant when compared to the benefits of the anaesthesia.
  3. Is sedation applicable to such procedures as teeth cleaning and other routine procedures? If the level of your anxiety is so high that you wish to be sedated during the dental check-up or other simple procedures it will our pleasure to meet your request. Our goal is that our patients have healthy teeth, gums and mouth; so we do our best to make your visit to the dentist a pleasant experience.
  4. Who should give the sedation in dentistry a try? Anyone who is under stress before and during the dental appointment can try the sedation. We know that the patient, who leaves our studio knowing that their comfort is our priority, will return to do the check-ups and, if necessary, additional treatments. You oral health does not affect only your mouth, but it can affect your whole body. This is the reason why we try to offer you a relaxing and painless experience in our dental studio. Patients who have some difficulties with movement or have a restricted range of motion are, also, the perfect candidates for undergoing the sedation in dentistry. If you have problems with controlling your gag (pharyngeal) reflex, sedation dentistry can help you with it, too.

Feel free to call us to answer the possible remaining doubts you may have about the procedure. We are here for you to offer you a dental care of the top quality.