Nowadays, a toothbrush and toothpaste are not enough when it comes to maintain the oral health. Dentists all over the world recommend regular dental check-ups, dental cleaning and prophylaxis. Despite it, many patients do not quite understand why they should visit their dentist every six months if they brush their teeth regularly, use dental showers at home a daily basis and tooth floss. These are only a couple of reasons why you should do a regular dental cleaning in a dental studio.

1. A good dentist can notice the small problems inside your mouth before they become more serious. For instance, he or she is capable of detecting a minor infection before it develops into a more complicated problem. In this way, it is possible to treat the infection before and prevent it from becoming a more serious and more painful problem. Dental caries is only one of the problems a dentist can detect. Avoiding dental health problems will only worsen the problem. The longer you avoid the professional dental cleaning, the more the teeth will turn more yellow, more sensitive and more liable to plaque. This is the reason why a prophylaxis is of major importance.

2. As a consequence of an inadequate cleaning of the oral cavity, hereditary factors or inadequate dentist job the dental plaque and calculus may appear and lead to the gum tissue inflammation. A red, swollen, bleeding sore gum tissue may cause the spreading of the inflammation on the bone. Also, the inflammation is the cause of a bad breath. The enduring gum tissue inflammations may lead to the gum tissue recession and to the creation of periodontal pockets. This condition is favourable for the accumulation of the bacteria; it makes it more difficult to maintain the oral cavity clean and, finally, leads to bigger inflammations. In a long run, it can cause periodontal disease, which affects the support tissue, dangling tooth and tooth loss.

3. The health of the oral cavity affects the entire human body. Studies have shown that the patients with dental problems who do not treat them suffer from a greater risk from cardiovascular diseases and other blood-related health problems. People who do not take care of their dental hygiene are even more sensitive to catching cold than the others. This happens because your gum tissue is a direct way through which the microorganisms enter your body. By taking care of your mouth you also take care of your entire body. Our dental studio can help you with that since we cherish an individual approach in education of every patient, starting with their diet, lifestyle and hygiene of the oral cavity. It is particularly important to accentuate the importance of the cooperation with the pregnant women and young parents: in that way, we make sure that our youngest patients get in time: prophylaxis, prevention, timely detection and painless removal of all infections in the oral cavity. As follows, we produce better results in increasing the level of the oral hygiene and the very quality of one’s life.

4. Different patients have different pain scale and very often, the patients with no greater problems than the teeth infected with caries come to our dental studio. In the process of the professional dental cleaning, we use products, which cannot be bought in stores, and instruments which can only be found in dental studios. The success rate of the cleaning procedure does not depend on how well you brush and floss your teeth, but it is related to the dentist’s skills which come with the practice. A complete prophylaxis cannot be done at home and, therefore, the home dental cleaning often may be inadequate. The dentist knows well how to perfectly clean your teeth every six months where a particular importance is paid to those surfaces which the patients usually neglects, so you should not be too worried that you cannot do it like your dentist can. Naturally, it does not imply that you should not give it your best try. On the contrary, it means that the dentist can use your visit to educate you.

After the professional teeth, plaque and caries cleaning the procedure is finished with the polishing of the teeth with a special device called AIR-FLOW. Polishing removes the soft remains and pigmentation marks (from cigarettes, wine coffee and tea) and, in that way, the teeth restore their natural colour and shine.

When you lose the habit of visiting your dentist for a regular cleaning, it may be difficult sometimes to restore the habit. You may start feeling guilty so you avoid visit your dentist. It is ridiculous to think that your dentist will judge you. You might be afraid of what your dentist will discover. That kind of fear is perfectly normal, however, the longer you delay visiting your dentist the problem will become even worse. A regular check-up and professional teeth and periodontal tissue cleaning are essential with the patients with prosthetic replacements, and especially with those who have implants and prosthetic replacements on the implants.

If there has been more than six months since the last time you did a professional teeth cleaning, do not hesitate to call you dentist immediately. You will feel a lot better once you do it. Your mouth and the rest of your body will be grateful to you. For the above mentioned reasons we think that the prophylaxis is an actual need, and not a delusion.