Base dentistry

Base dentistry is a branch of dentistry which occupies with preventing the oral diseases and treating the most common oral disease – plaque.

When preventing oral diseases the most important thing to do is educate patients about the oral hygiene. Depending on the specific needs of a patient, we do an individualized education and demonstration of teeth cleaning and cleaning of the prosthetic replacements, just like we schedule the check-ups.

Regular removal of the dental plaque, calculus and tooth polishing is one of the important measurements of the prevention of oral diseases and taking care of your gum tissue.

Dental plaque is an infective teeth disease – it is in fact, a biofilm formed out of bacteria found in the oral cavity – which leads to the gum tissue destruction and, consequently, to the tooth loss. A tooth infected with plaque is mechanically cleaned until we reach the healthy tooth tissue, and then we do an Ozone treatment which has a natural, disinfecting and healing effect. The lost tooth tissue is replaced with aesthetic composite or ceramic fillings (inlay/onlay).

We also do a safe removal of the old amalgam fillings. These fillings contain mercury which is bad for human organism and it is necessary to be careful when taking these fillings out. In order to prevent the patient from inhaling or swallowing amalgam dust, we use a rubber protection (dental dam) and a strong suction device so that the patient’s oral cavity and respiratory system remain completely protected from mercury.