An endodontic treatment of the tooth root of a high quality enables us to preserve the tooth which has lost its vitality permanently. It is this very fact the one which makes this branch of dentistry particularly important.

With endodontic treatment it is possible to remove the sore or dead tooth pulp – “nerve”; to do a precise measurement of the length of the root canals with a special device (APEKS LOCATOR) so we could clean, both mechanically and chemically, the entire root canal. In order to accomplish the best results, we combine both manual and machine instrumentation techniques.

Once the root canals are cleaned in that way are being disinfected with the ozone therapy (using the power of oxygen) and afterwards the entire root canal space is hermetically sealed with special bio-compatible materials. Those materials, besides having the role of filling the root canals and preventing bacteria from entering, also stimulate the process of healing of the periapical tissue, in the case it is also sore and ruined.

Using lasers in endodontics

Besides the basic endodontic treatment, we also do the revision of unsuccessful endodontic in such a way that we remove the inadequate old filling from the canal and then we do a new endodontic treatment.

The teeth treated in this way, once strengthened with the upgrades, can also serve as a basis for prosthetic replacements.