Pediatric dentistry

The children’s going to the dentist from an early age is extremely important for the prevention of teeth disease, but also for teaching the kids the habits of keeping their mouth clean and creating a positive attitude towards visits to the dentists: the children will keep these habits even in their adulthood. In our opinion a child’s first visit to a dentist should be when they are two, when they do not yet experience any toothache or any bad experience with the dentists, so that they could get acquainted with the surroundings (sounds and odours of a dentist’s office). We pay a special attention to a step-by-step adjustment of the children to a dental studio in a way that we try to make their visit fun (taking into consideration the kids’ age and interests) and the atmosphere in our studio bright and cheerful so that the child would slowly become more fond of the dental procedure.

It is extremely important to treat dental plaque of the deciduous teeth (milk or baby teeth) and to replace the lost teeth tissue with fillings: the teeth in that condition are to be preserved until their natural replacement grows – permanent teeth. In that way certain orthodontic anomalies, which are often caused by premature baby teeth loss, are prevented. Once the permanent molars grow, if there are deep fissures, it is necessary to do a preventative stamp filling which will prevent plaque from forming in those predilection places.

Our little patients make appointments for a regular check-up every six months, and in some cases even more often, in order for us to be able to react timely on the smallest trace of dental plaque and remove it before it the pain appears or the teeth got ruined. These check-ups also help us to control oral hygiene and, if necessary, point out possible oversights, but also to motivate the children to maintain a healthy relationship with their teeth, by giving them different awards, diplomas or letters of commendation.