The dental prosthetics enable us to replace the lost or damaged teeth and restore the functionality and aesthetics, but also the patient’s lost self-confidence.


Veneers are aesthetical ceramic prosthetic replacements which help with the teeth discoloration or help improve the teeth shape, closing the gap between the teeth (diastema), etc. They are being fixated on the front dentin wall with a prior quick polishing.


Crowns are tooth-shaped “caps” which are fixed on a polished tooth whose function is to replace the missing part of the tooth tissue, lost due to the cavity, endodontic treatment or fractures.

We use metal-ceramic and no-metal crowns, the aesthetical zircon-ceramic crowns and the lithium disilllicate ones.


Bridges are fixed prosthetic replacements which fill one or more missing teeth in which the teeth surrounding the gap are used as the bridge supporters. Just like the crowns, they can be made of metal-ceramic or no-metal ceramic.