Smile design

The individual smile planning is a new, artistic branch of dentistry where, with the help of photos, teeth models and computer drawing, a new smile is designed while always having in mind the optimal shape, tooth size and colour that would work for the patient. The teeth, besides being indispensable for chewing the food, affect deeply our overall appearance and play an important role in creating the image we have about ourselves. A pretty smile, which fits harmonically with one’s features, helps us to maintain a youthful and fresh appearance, look natural and boost our confidence.

In the area of designing dental restorations, there are a number of principles to follow when designing an aesthetic smile. One of the factors to take into consideration is the facial midline which should coincide with the dental midline in order to create a symmetrical smile. The line which connects the biting edges of your top teeth should be parallel to the imaginary line that connects the pupils of the eyes. Having this principle in mind, we can create restorations that will fit harmonically with the rest of the face and generate a beautiful and natural smile.

Besides these basic principles, when determining the shape, colour, transparency and position of the teeth it is necessary to take into consideration patient’s individual features, complexion, eye colour and overall body shape: following those parameters we then determine the prosthetic restorations to obtain a perfectly natural appearance.

This process has three important parties: dentist, dental technician and, most importantly, the patient who, having the access to a clear visualization with the help of computer programme, participates with his or her wishes and suggestions in creating colour, shape, position of the teeth, and, therefore, in the aesthetics of the entire face. Apart using photos, it is possible to depict vividly the new appearance to the patient using the prosthetic materials, which leaves no room for surprises and enables to make a realistic prediction of the final result of the prosthetic therapy.

Rare are the people who can brag about having a perfectly balanced smile with their teeth in the foreground. With this as their sole desire, many try out different solutions searching help from experts in that area. In our IDC Ružević centre there is a group of experts whose aim is to find the perfect shape, size and colour for you by using the most modern computer methods, but also taking into consideration the specificity and individuality of your features. Finding your ideal smile implies computer image of your future teeth, with the help of your old photos, patient’s ideas, their wishes and the model of their teeth. After a professional analysis predictions about the final solution are made the patient will be able to have an actual experience since there is the possibility of wearing temporary prosthetic materials. In that way, the patient has the possibility of estimating the job done and can influence all of its parameters to the very final moment when the final product is made in order to be entirely satisfied with it.

Normally, patients’ wishes are straight, white, no-gap teeth with a proportional smile which includes an ideal relation between the teeth, gums and lips. Very often it is necessary to lengthen the clinical length of the teeth and the most efficient way of doing it is the use of Laser, quickly, painlessly and with no trauma whatsoever. In our Centre we use Laser every day. The most common reasons of the patients’ dissatisfaction: old crowns or prosthetic works, discoloured teeth, old and badly shaped fillings, position and colour of teeth and tooth loss.

TOOTH SHAPE AND SIZE Shape, length and width of a tooth are adjusted individually to each patient considering his or her features and trying to fit the ideal proportions. In order to accomplish the perfect smile, the teeth should be in proportion to other teeth, by their size and shape. The biting edge of the top teeth has to follow the lower lip line when smiling, the central incisors always dominate and they are somewhat longer than the canines. When talking, the upper front teeth should be visible from one to three millimetres: it is the very visibility of the upper front teeth that gives people a youthful appearance. Due to the lip atrophy the upper front teeth are less visible in older people. Women usually have a more moderate, more round lip shape, while men have more pronounced, aggressive features, strongly pronounced canines and their teeth have a more square shape.

TEETH COLOUR can be changed through the processes of tooth whitening, making composite facets, ceramic veneers or making full crowns. Tooth whitening can result in teeth a couple of shades lighter which always requires the replacement of the existing fillings since they no longer fit with their colour (fillings cannot be whitened).

POSITION OF TEETH can be changed with the orthodontic therapy and also with producing the prosthetic replacements. The line between the two upper incisors should coincide with the facial midline and the top of papilla and should be vertical to the bridges of the incisors. Any deviation from the central line is not considered to be aesthetical and should be corrected. The teeth give support to the lips and cheeks in a way that their appropriate position accentuates the youthful aspect of one’s features.

TOOTH LOSS besides being an aesthetical problem, is also a serious functional problem. The teeth can be restored through a prosthetic therapy – with bridges or crowns on implants. The implants can be a good solution in cases of tooth loss when a patient does not want to drill their own teeth in order to make a bridge. Breakthroughs made in the dentistry which follows the development of the dental materials results in making highly aesthetical replacements which, with their colour and transparency, imitate faithfully the natural tooth, and their thickness guarantees long duration and functional stability. In order to have a highly aesthetical product it is recommended doing prosthetic replacements out of no-metal ceramics. These replacements are, in fact, crowns whose basis is not made out of metal, but white ceramics. This is the reason why Zirconia ceramic crowns and veneers, E. Max Press, are the “number one” when creating the perfect smile.

GUM TISSUE is an important factor in achieving a satisfying final result when creating the perfect smile. The gum tissue has to be healthy, of a pale pink colour, firm texture and symmetrical. If a person is suffering from gum inflammation (gingivitis) their gum tissue is swollen, red, asymmetrical and receded which disrupts the overall appearance, especially in the area of the front teeth. Therefore, it is extremely important to treat the infected area by undergoing a PROFESSIONAL TEETH CLEANING or small corrective surgical procedures on the gum tissue. Once the excess gum is removed, especially if you have a “gummy smile”, you will get the perfect result: gum tissue around the upper front teeth will be minimally exposed (only 2 or 3 millimetres) in a wide smile.

LIPS are the frame of the perfect smile and it is possible to do a small procedure in order to reshape them, fill in the irregularities and fill in the small wrinkles on the lips and surrounding skin. Using the hyaluronic acid-based products (FILLERS) – biological and bio-degradable materials – it is possible to make your lips appear more youthful. The actual volume of the lips or their commissure can be increased, if needed, at the end of the entire procedure. You can do it in our Centre, too.