Teeth whitening

With time, teeth lose their natural whiteness and become darker, more yellow, discoloured… The teeth whitening is a quick and a simple treatment during which, in a single appointment at the dentist, you can significantly improve the appearance and create a new, fresher look. The process is conducted in our dental studio, by utilizing the Zoom lamp and Beyond system for the teeth whitening or Laser. As the preparation for the whitening process it is necessary to do an examination of all teeth and remove the dental plaque and calculus. Afterwards, the gum tissue is protected by placing a rubber shield on the gums and the teeth are whitened by utilizing a gel and blue light of the Zoom lamp, most often in three consequent cycles of tem minutes.

The process itself is painless, safe and does not do any damage to the teeth: the effect can be noticed instantly.

The most beautiful moments in life start with a smile.
Are you satisfied with yours ?

A smile does not cost anything, but it can do wonders! It enriches the one whom it is intended for, but does not impoverish the one who gives it. It is quick as a lighting, but the memory of it can last forever. No one is that rich or that poor to deprive oneself of it. You can only gain with it.

A smile brings happiness to a home, it is a salute to a friend. It is a repose for the weary ones, a way mark for the lost ones, a sunshine to bring happiness to the sad ones and the best cure for the anger. However, it cannot be bought, begged, borrowed or stolen since it is only worthy when it is given as a gift.